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Donald Trump

In court filings released this week, your longtime lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, admitted to committing campaign finance violations in coordination not only with your campaign, but with you directly. According to Cohen, he paid off two women, Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, in 2016 in an attempt to prevent them from sharing stories about extra-marital affairs that could have influenced the election. Cohen coordinated these payments with one or more members of the campaign through meetings and phone calls, and he discussed the nature and timing of these payments with members of the campaign, including you.

Our campaign finance laws were created to ensure transparency and fairness around how campaigns can raise and spend money and to ensure nefarious contributions can't influence our nation's leaders. The hush money payments to at least two named women each exceeded $100,000, far beyond the legal amount that campaigns are allowed to "donate" to individuals or corporations. In addition, campaign finance law requires that outlays of this size are duly recorded and reported, but your campaign willingly and knowingly obscured these payments in an attempt to defraud the American people.

Your actions were illegal, morally wrong, and imperil American democracy. We demand that you resign immediately.


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President's Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted to knowingly violating campaign finance laws at Trump's direction. Demand Trump resign immediately.


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