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Ryan Zinke, US Secretary of the Interior

Mr. Zinke,

The Arctic National Wildlife Refugee ("ANWR") is one of the world's last pristine, untouched wilderness areas. ANWR is crucial to protecting a number of vulnerable and endangered species, including polar bears and caribou. But despite its importance in global conservation efforts, your administration is planning on opening the pristine refuge to oil exploration and drilling - a move that will be harmful and destructive to the local ecosystem. Worse, your administration is rushing through the environmental impact assessments that would help put in place safeguards against the worst outcomes of renewed oil drilling and exploration.

The New York Times reported this week that your administration is attempting to rush environmental considerations in an attempt to start drilling in ANWR before the 2020 election, when voters might choose a more environmentally conscious president. Your administration is completing your "environmental assessments" in less than half the time they usually take and have skipped and shortened many of the questions considered routine in such investigations. It is clear that you are making a mockery of the environmental assessment process and are instead bending it to your will so you can establish drilling in ANWR.

Distressingly, drilling in ANWR will severely threaten the polar bears that live in the national wilderness refuge. Pregnant female polar bears hibernate for the winter, where they birth and raise their cubs. The seismic activity from oil drilling and exploration has been known to disrupt polar bear hibernation, endangering the survival of young and vulnerable cubs. By some estimates, new drilling in ANWR could disrupt up to 50% of such hibernation dens. The small population of polar bears in ANWR is already threatened as a result of global climate change - we cannot continue to stress their population without expecting it to collapse.

We demand that you complete full-length environmental impact assessments of the effect of drilling in ANWR on polar bear populations and that you announce your intention to stall any such drilling until the public has had a chance to comment on the findings.


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The Trump Administration wants to expand oil drilling in ANWR, threatening the polar bear population. Tell the Trump Administration NO to expanded drilling in ANWR.


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