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Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection

We are deeply ashamed and outraged at the United States' use of tear gas on peaceful, unarmed asylum seekers at its southern border. Tear gas is a cruel and inhumane chemical weapon that asphyxiates those who come into contact with it, creating extreme pain and severe health risks. Because of its cruel and inhumane effects, nearly all countries have banned the use of tear gas on the battlefield - yet the United States chose to launch a chemical gas attack against innocent asylum seekers, who were attempting to escape gang violence and instability.

The tear gas attack breached international protocols, as US Border Patrol agents launched a chemical weapon over an international boundary. Worse, the tear gas was launched at a large group of migrants that included babies, infants, and young children.

We demand that Border Patrol immediately ceases using tear gas and other chemical weapons against asylum-seeking migrants.


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US Border Patrol launched tear gas, a banned chemical weapon, at peaceful, unarmed asylum-seekers. Demand Border Patrol stop its inhumane use of tear gas immediately.


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