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Terry Branstad, US Ambassador to China

Mr. Branstad,

China recently reopened its domestic trade markets in rhino horn, reversing a 25-year domestic ban. This decision is disastrous for the rhino, which is an endangered species and is frequently hunted for its valuable tusks. When China banned the trade and distribution of rhino horns, it curtailed demand for rhino horns worldwide, saving countless rhinos lives as poachers had access to less customers and cashflow. Now, with the announcement that the rhino horn trade market will be reopened, worldwide demand is expected to markedly increase and cause a related rise in poaching. Rhinos are magnificent animals that deserve to live full lives, not to be killed and injured so that their horns can be stolen from them.

China has the biggest population in the world and the reopening of their market will be disastrous for rhinos all over the world. We are calling on you, Mr. Branstad, to pressure the Chinese government to abandon this cruel and unnecessary policy. Only by telling China there will be repercussions for their actions can we expect to see changes and protect the rhino from further attacks.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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Pressure China to abandon their decision to reopen the trading and distribution of rhino horns. 


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