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Louis Klemp, Leavenworth County Commissioner

Mr. Klemp,

Your comments about being part of the "master race" to a black city planner have disqualified you from any further public service. As you are certainly aware, the term "master race" arises from Nazi ideology, which suggests that the "Aryan" race of humans is superior to other races and was used to justify the slaughter of millions of innocent human beings. For you to make reference to the "master race" in an official capacity is incredibly harmful and disqualifying. Worse, your comments were directed toward a Black woman and were spoken as you were denying her zoning proposal.

We have heard your excuses, explaining that you were referring to the "master race" as a joke about people with gaps in their teeth. Even if this bizarre joke were true, we still find your behavior to be unacceptable in an official capacity. You should be aware of the power you wield as a government official and the way that your words and ideas can legitimize some of the most harmful concepts the world has had to confront.

Making matters worse, you have a long history of discriminatory and troubling comments. Your comments have included advocating for the public celebration of Robert E. Lee, questioning why Martin Luther King Jr. has a national holiday, and lamenting that his great-grandfather would be criticized for owning a slave. With this context, it is impossible to assume your "master race" comment was innocuous.

Considering the way your words have upset, divided, and hurt your community, we ask that you step down from your position effective immediately.


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A white Kansas County Commissioner used the term "master race" while denying a proposal from a Black city planner. Demand that he step down immediately.

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