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President Macri, Argentina

Damming the Santa Cruz River will damage the natural habitat of the Hooded Grebe, a critically endangered species, and irreparably damage the ecosystem of Southern Argentina. In addition to further endangering the Hooded Grebe, damming the Santa Cruz River could prevent several species of fish from accessing key feeding and breeding grounds and could destabilize the entire ecosystem.

As the number of undeveloped areas in the world dwindle, each conserved natural area becomes all the more important. Our world is at serious risk of losing species diversity to the point where the entire globe's ecosystem might start to falter. The Hooded Grebe might seem small, but it is one link in a global system that is held together through millions of interactions between living beings.

We urge you to consider the scope of your actions and the extent of your power. Once the Hooded Grebe is lost, it can never return. It is up to you to halt the construction of dams on the Santa Cruz River and prevent the extinction of the Hooded Grebe. Please prevent the damming of this crucial ecosystem.


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Demand that President Macri of Argentina protect the critically endangered Hooded Grebe by preventing the damming of the Santa Cruz River.

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