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Midlothian Police Chief, Dan Delaney

On Sunday, a black security guard, Jemel Roberson, prevented a mass shooting in a Midlothian bar from escalating by heroically detaining one of the suspects while waiting for police to arrive. When the Police arrived, they couldn't see Jemel Roberson for the hero he was, but instead only saw a black man that they perceived as a threat. On Sunday, a Midlothian Police Officer murdered Jemel Roberson because of the color of his skin.

We have had enough of these murders. We have had enough of the police evading responsibility and reform. We demand that you immediately fire and prosecute the officer responsible for this tragic murder. We demand that you institute reforms and trainings to help prevent such despicable bias from affecting the lives of more innocent people.

Jemel Roberson was a gifted musician, basketball player, and a brave and courageous hero. We demand justice for his murder.


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Jemel Roberson, a black security guard, was murdered after he detained a mass shooter while waiting for police to arrive. Demand justice for Jemel Roberson and accountability for the policeman who killed him.


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