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Robert Wilkie, Veteran Affairs Secretary

The concerned citizens of America hereby demand you resign from your position as Veteran Affairs Secretary due to your unethical and potentially illegal support for medical experimentation on canines.

Last year, Congress mandated that the Veteran Affairs Secretary must review all canine experiments and only approve experiments in which "the scientific objectives of the study can only be met by research with canines." Moreover, Congress ruled the VA must publicly verify any claims in a transparent and open process.

You have flaunted these new regulations and have authorized the continued medical experimentation on canines without verifying the scientific objectives of each study. Worse, you have consistently withheld this information from the public. You have intentionally hidden information about canine experimentation and have not disclosed the various experiments that have been conducted. You have lost the trust of the American people and have blatantly ignored Congressional regulations. Because of your actions, countless dogs will be tested upon, separated from their families, and ultimately euthanized.

Robert Wilkie, you have failed in your duties as a public steward. We demand your immediate resignation.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has been medically experimenting on canines in violation of federal regulations. Demand the VA Secretary resign immediately.


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