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Andrew Wheeler, Head of the EPA

Dow AgroSciences is applying for an expansion of their ability to use sulfoxaflor, a pesticide proven to harm bees. The EPA has previously classified sulfoxaflor as extremely toxic to bees and has sought to limit its application to protect bee populations. And later, when the EPA attempted to approve sulfoxaflor in brand-name pesticides, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the approval because it was concerned about the detrimental impact it would have on bee reproduction rates.

Now, Dow Chemicals is applying for an exception to these regulations so they can deploy more of this dangerous chemical. Dow is putting profits over the health of bee populations and the environment. The EPA's role is to protect consumers and the environment from the profit-motivated decisions of large corporations. The EPA must do its job and prevent Dow Chemical from receiving a waiver to use more sulfoxaflor in the United States. The health and ability of bee colonies to survive and reproduce successfully depends upon the EPA's decision. Tell Dow NO.


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Dow Chemicals is applying for a waiver that would allow them to massively expand their use of a pesticide that is killing off bee populations. Tell the EPA to do their job and say NO to Dow Chemicals.


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