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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dear Ruth,

We are so sorry to hear that you are injured. As you know, you mean a tremendous amount to so many of us. From your tireless work fighting for women's rights and equality to your measured and insightful jurisprudence, you are an example to all of us. In a time where the deck was even more strongly stacked against women, you found a way to excel in every situation you faced and you demonstrated time and time again how intelligent, determined, and talented women are. In the process, you opened doors for so many of us who came after you and benefited from the perceptions you altered and the laws you directly changed.

As you recover from your injury, we hope you know you have the wishes and love of a nation behind you, wishing you a speedy recovery. We love and adore you and are sending all of our thoughts your way as you continue to heal.


An Adoring Nation


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Let Ruth Bader Ginsburg know how much we appreciate her and that we wish her a healthy and speedy recovery from her injury. 


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