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David Littleproud MP Minister for Agriculture

Dear Littleproud
The war on animal abuse is growing every year and the amount of animals that have to live in a state which could make them extremely sick or even lead to death, dogs are getting stolen from front doors of peoples houses and used in dogs fighting rings forced against their will to fight against another dog.

It would be much appreciated if you could assist me on my journey to stop this abuse on dogs and end this once and for all. As you probably know already there is a festival in china that is dedicated on eating dogs and I strongly disagree with this barbaric act on animals

So I ask you sir to please help me express how I fell about it and let the community what is really happening

Sincerely, Liam McGlynn


Liam McGlynn

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How this will help

Letting the community know what is happening will hopefully open up the eyes of the public

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