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I’d like to talk with you about the red pandas. Would you be surprised if I told you that you could have the power to save this animal from extinction? There’s less than 10,000 red pandas left in the wild and about 50% of them are in China. The red panda population has decreased by half in about 18 years and the deaths are expected to increase if nothing is done. So you have to take action right now. You need to stop hunters from decimating their population, stop poaching for clothes and hats, you can’t just keep letting these poachers kill off a precious species for fancy clothes, put a ban on it! You need to also stop destroying their habitat. Make national parks, stop the destruction. You, Mr President, are the only person that can change this. The future of the red pandas is in your hands and I need you to help instead of sitting back and doing nothing.
The red panda, just like the giant black and white panda, is almost exclusive to your country, that means you and only you can save it from the path you’re leading it to. Sadly but truthfully, the red panda species would thrive if it wasn’t for us. We need to stop ignoring the deaths and start preventing it. The red pandas are very important because they contribute to clean air and water for over 500 million people. The red pandas are important for the eco system but so are their forest homes that are constantly being destroyed. The red panda is the only living representative in its family (Ailuridae) and it is important to conserve the species to preserve the world's natural heritage. The red panda also contributes to the planet's biodiversity.
If you stop the deforestation and the pointless poaching, it is likely that we have a chance of saving this species. The red panda is actually the original panda. If we save the last living pandas, they can help to regrow the ecosystem and help make for a healthier environment. You have the power to save an entire species, why not take action?
How shocking would it be for China to be known as the country that killed an entire species because its tail made a good feather duster? You have the power to stop destroying its habitat, put a ban on poaching, and create heritage protected regions. Either way it is all in your hands. Once again I’d like to give you a simple decision. You can either watch as the last remaining red pandas die out, and the world forgets about the true ‘Panda’ species and be known by many as the man who could’ve prevented it. Or you could be known as the man who saved an entire species. The red pandas cannot defend themselves against us humans. Please, for the pandas. Take action.

Yours sincerely,
Liam Cameron


Liam Cameron

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Not many people even know about the existence of the red panda, but it is a very important and precious species. This petition could be one of the last hopes for the red panda, we need to...

Not many people even know about the existence of the red panda, but it is a very important and precious species. This petition could be one of the last hopes for the red panda, we need to show the president that we care. We need Xi Jinping to change the way he sees the situation on red pandas, we need to show him that action needs to be taken before it's too late.

Xi Jinping is in the perfect position to take action. He can put in
place bans on poaching, laws, and national parks in protection of the Red Panda's habitat. Over 50% of the remaining red pandas reside in his own country.

Xi Jinping's opinion might be entirely motivated by what the people
want. If we come together and show him that this action needs to be taken, we could easily save the red pandas.

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