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Mark Furner MP Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries

My name is Luke van Belois I am writing to you about overfishing in the pacific ocean, which is a major issue.

This problem is not just affecting us, but is effecting the whole world. To start with the Pacific Bluefin Tuna is being hammered by commercial fishing and is on the brink of extinction. I am asking in this letter today, for your support in the matter. We need to set stronger restrictions on the Pacific Bluefin Tuna being commercially fished for a period of time to try and rejuvenate the population of the species.

The issue with overfishing is that it ruins the marine food chain. The amount of bycatch caught each year is an astounding 63 billion pounds, which is doing more damage than commercial Pacific Bluefin Tuna fishing as a whole. Three reasons why commercial fishing needs to be restricted as that it is taking a toll on the marine life, it is also catching and killing a lot of by-catch and thirdly it is impacting recreational fishing and ruining tourism.
Action on this issue will help the Pacific Bluefin Tuna rejuvenate their population. It will also decrease the amount of bycatch caught each year. If they were to slow down on commercial fishing it would help out the marine life and help replenish the neutral food chain.
I believe that you should take action on this matter because there is no one else that has the power to do so. As Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, you have the authority to take this issue before Parliament and enact legislation to help save the Pacific Ocean’s fish populations.


Luke van Belois

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How this will help

this petition will help because it can attract the attention from Mark Furner and then push him to show some interest in the topic. 

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