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Giovanni Ferrero (natella)

I am writing to you today regarding your company. I am currently campaigning to stop you from using palm oil in your product. I believe it is important for you to support my campaign as it is saving the orangutans from extinction by not destroying there forests.

Palm oil plantations is the main reasons behind to extinction of orangutans. Your company is the main customer of these palm oil plantations. 5000 orangutans died last year due to deforestation. You play a big part in the deaths or these orangutans. Your continued purchase of palm oil is helping these company’s destroy theses orangutan’s homes and force these animals into extinction.

If you stop supporting this company then they will be forced to cut down the number of palm oil plantations they have. In eff stopping them from cutting down thousands of acers of forest in Indonesia and Malaysia. This means that the orangutans will repopulate and live for much longer.

As the head chairmen of Nutella and being the largest customer of palm olive oil, you are in the best position to help save these poor creatures. If you don't take action, all these beautiful forests will soon be destroyed and in place will be thousands of Acers of palm oil plantations. This is your responsibility as the biggest consumer of this orang-utan killing oil.


Brody Hughes

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This action is important because if we do not act soon then orang-utans will be extink. Giovanni Ferrero is in the best position to act as head chairman of nutella and largest consumer of palm oil.


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