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Joko Widodo the president of indonesia

I am campaigning to stop poaching of Sumatran tigers. There is 200 -300 reaming tiger left. If these tigers die out it could affect the amount of tourist that visit your country. To stop poaching of the Sumatran tigers you need to fund an armed task force to protect the wild life reserves. It is important for you to support my campaign because the Sumatran tigers are critically endangered and are on the brink of extinction.
Sumatran tigers are going extinct because of illegal poaching. The island of Sumatra is the only location in the world that is home to these tigers. There for it is up to you Joko Widodo to help protect your native animal. Sumatra Tigers are dying pointless deaths for Chinese medicine, which has no medical benefits to humans.


matt leehy

How this will help

it will help Because it will  give the tigers a safe place to live and will stop them from being poached.

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