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Donatella Versace

Dear Donatella,
I have just created a campaign against the use of animal pelts in designer products. I would like you to support my campaign publicly to help protect innocent animals that are being harmed for an unnecessary purpose. Your endorsement is very important to me and my cause as you have a massive impact on the public and fashion industry.

I, and many other people, strongly disagree with the act of slaughtering animals for their fur and skin just to make a fashion statement. More than 50 million animals are killed worldwide each year, after short and miserable lives in small, wire mesh battery cages; just to become someone’s coat. The fur industry has long been a byword for cruelty, harming millions of animals a year in horrific ways in order to profit from their skins. Not only is the use of fur cruel, it is also extremely unnecessary as we have substitute materials such as faux fur, wool and synthetics.

People listen to you as you are a respected leader of the extremely popular company Versace. If I could get your public support, not only will other copying fashion designers listen to your no-fur movement, but the public will follow your cause to stop buying fur. Together, we could stop the purchasing of fur and animal pelts. If no one purchases fur, the fur market will become obsolete. Animals will no longer be harmed for their own skin and the world could be relieved of a cruel practice.

We both believe in animal rights. This is the reason why Versace does not use animal fur in their products. It’s fantastic to see a successful company care about something so important but if the public do not know you stand against the use of animal pelts, what difference would it make in the world? If you were to publicly announce your stand against the fur industry with my campaign as opposed to simply not using fur in your products, your following will stand with your cause.

The production of animal fur is a cruel crime. Don’t let the victims down.


Haylee Gardner

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With your help, my petition will be successful and people will

finally understand the truth about fur. Many innocent, furry lives will be saved.

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