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John Durkan CEO of Coles supermarkets

Dear John Durkan,
I congratulate Coles on the success of reducing the use of plastic bags with your environmentally friendly recyclable bags, however do you realise that the millions of plastic water bottles you sell are one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution? I want you to put a restriction or reduce the amount of bottles you sell because the damage they are doing to the environment is outrageous. With your corporation you can make a huge contribution to reduce plastic pollution.

Did you know that plastic waste bottles can take million and millions of years to break down? That’s just one bottle. Imagine how many are being used daily. This is one of the main reasons why plastic pollution is one of the worst types of pollution in the world. When these type of bottles and utensils reach our environment, the animals we co-exist with eat and die because the plastic appeals to them as food.

The environment needs you to take action on reducing the sales of these plastic bottles. If not done the effects will be disastrous.
Thank you
Yours Sincerely, Zane Gallagher


Zane Gallagher

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How this will help

It will reduce the plastic bottle

usage therefore less will end up in our oceans, taking hundreds of years to decompose. The petition will show the Coles CEO that people care about this issue and want action.

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