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Peter Dutton, Minister of Home Affairs

Dear Peter Dutton,

It has come to my attention that the impacts of deforestation on our community have reached a critical level and action needs to be taken to save our planet before it’s too late. I’ve developed a campaign to fight against the impacts of deforestation. The fact is that this issue is directly caused by human activity but there are solutions that could be put into practice here in Australia to try and control this major global issue. One of the main contributing factors of deforestation is illegal logging. I know that your role in government leaves you in charge of overseeing the importation of products coming into Australia. In this role, I want you to crack down on the importation of unsustainably sourced timber and timber products. With your help we can make a strong impact on reducing the rate of deforestation. At our current rate we will destroy all of our forests within the next 100 years and without trees the human population will lose their source of oxygen which would be catastrophic. It’s important for you to support my campaign so we can save the future of the planet and the human race.

The issue we face is that Australia is a destination country for illegal timber. Estimates suggest that approximately 10% of Australia’s imported goods contain illegally sourced timber. In 2012, parliament passed the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act to stop the importation of unsustainably sourced timber products. The penalties that were introduced for committing this offence included a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, $85,000 for an individual and $425,000 for a corporation, plus forfeiture of timber product / raw logs applies where they are found to have to have imported or processed illegally logged timber and done so knowingly, intentionally or recklessly. Distinguished researcher, Professor Bill Laurance from the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity at James Cook University, said on an SBS website “In fact they're supposed to be implementing the rules, but there's no real enforcement. Nobody's being fined, there's no jail terms, there's no crackdown." It is clear that, until major penalties are in full force there will be no change. Some key reasons why change needs to happen is firstly, palm oil deforestation is destroying native species’ habitats and the ecosystem. As a result, creatures such as orangutans are seriously endangered and if there is no change then more species will be in danger of becoming extinct. Secondly, deforestation is contributing to global warming and extreme weather events such as soil erosion and flooding. Lastly, if we don’t implement new strategies to reduce the rate of deforestation, we will be at a major risk of losing all of our forests within the next century. This will threaten the lives of the global population as we will lose our source of oxygen. We can make an impact by preventing the illegal importation of timber into our country by strongly enforcing strict punishments on those who are committing these offences.

By enforcing stricter punishments on those who are responsible for importing unsustainably sourced timber, they will be less likely to commit these offences. Professor Laurence also said that "It doesn't really take much enforcement. All the government really needs to do is to make examples of a couple of the really egregious sinners, and you'd be amazed how everyone suddenly starts waking up and doing the due diligence." I believe that this action will create a chain reaction across the world. We can lead this much needed change and set the right example for how we move forward as a global community.

Peter Dutton, as Minister of Home Affairs you are tasked with the responsibility for Immigration and the Australian Border Force. Therefore, I am calling out to you for help because you are in a position to make these changes and help reduce the profits being made as a result of illegal and unethical practices. This could potentially save the future of life on Earth. We can’t afford to sit on our hands any longer so it’s important that stricter punishments for illegal importation must be put into practice so illegal logging offenders are driven away from exporting their products here. And by the rest of the world recognising this action, it should encourage them to follow similar strategies which could be enough to change the future of our environment and human population. It is up to you to make this important change so I urge you to have a good think about the influence you could have on this globally important issue. Please enforce these stricter punishments and you will make a much needed difference.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew N Smith


Andrew Smith

How this will help

It's important that this message is sent out across the community so people are aware of how crucial it is for change to be implemented.

Peter Dutton the Minister for Home...

It's important that this message is sent out across the community so people are aware of how crucial it is for change to be implemented.

Peter Dutton the Minister for Home Affairs is in the prime seat to make a positive change by enforcing stricter penalties for illegal logging importation into Australia.

By signing your name on this petition, you are presenting your support on this global issue. The more support we have, the more likely we are to make change happen and take control of the global issue of deforestation before it's too late.

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