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Animal cruelty in circuses

Dear Mr Ward,
In this campaign I trusting too make a stop on any circus with animals in it. I want to stop animal cruelty within circuses. I need your help to run this campaign with me, to make a stop on animal cruelty and from people going near any circuses and encouraging the fact they torture animals to death. This is important to me because no animals deserve the treatment they are getting to this day. I want to help these animals that at in danger.

from dusk till dawn animals are getting miss treated minute by minute. Animals going from performance to performance cramped in tiny little cages with no water or food no animal deserves this. As of your organisation you stated The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. I am hoping to get your help for this. 93% of the time animals are stuck behind locked cages, wild animals need there space being enclosed for too long can get them aggressive. Babies are torn away from there mothers from birth just for humans entertainment. Physical and abusive punishment on the animals is made after doing something wrong. Change is needed right away.

if this action takes place people will come to the realisation that circuses do abuse animals. A couple will go by and we will have no wildlife left as they have passed away in a circus. Without wildlife our world stops.
This campaign will affect our community in many ways, circuses will stop and the entertainment will drop but there will be no more animal cruelty.

In this situation if Mr Ward took place in this campaign it would make a difference. More people of our community will listen and take place. Everyone will stop buying tickets to circuses and circuses will stop presenting. I strongly believe Mr Ward should take place as it will help get people involved in this campaign. We need to save all our wild animals that are stuck being tortured by people for other entertainment. By 2030 all wild animals will extinct due to animals not being able to have babies. We need to save our wild animals by stopping circuses.

yours sincerely,
Hope Adams


Hope Adams

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How this will help

By requesting this action
to take place it will help make actions happen. People will listen and put more effort in to making it stop and helping out our animals by putting them back into the wild where they belong.

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