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The education system has been so redundant for the past several years; we sit back and wonder why so many young people are so stressed about academics and education. When the answer is right in front of our faces. The problem with the current education system is that it is very clerical in nature. The best way to compare the present educational philosophy is to think of it as a conveyer belt that churns out similar products over and over again. We restrict our children from exploring and being creative; we confine them within a box and expect them to dream. No statement is more paradoxical than that.
The onus is on us to clean the education system and make a lasting impact on our children. We have been a generation that was allowed to explore and be creative, but we were forced to break the confines and overcome enormous hurdles to do so. Why should we put our children through that as well? Why can’t we stand up for what is right and bring about a change? We are a group of individuals who are connected to our company called Communigator, but we are more than that; we are individuals who were forced to think different to become successful and happy. We believe that so many children don’t get that chance to dream because of their shackles. Right now we don’t need to them to break through the stress and obstacles of going against the norm. We want to set the norm straight; we believe that if the system changes, everything will fall into place.
We want to look at a society that doesn’t celebrate the success of few by depriving the chances of others; we want a society that evens the playing field for everyone. We are hoping to get people on board to disrupt the norms and set things straight for the first time. We hope to ensure that education is about learning and not about competitiveness. We hope to build a system that doesn’t confine but one that allows you to dream. Our biggest goal is to let kids have fun and grow up; they don’t need to be put in a rat-race that has a narrow-minded approach to success. We are looking to make sure the system helps children define their own success. We particularly want to start our efforts at the grassroots level and then build to the top. At this juncture, it will be a burden on the students, parents, teachers and administrators to change how higher education is taught but we can make a lasting impact by focusing our energy towards those who represent our future.
Sign this petition along with us to bring about the change that we never had but have always dreamt of having. We ask because, we see our children suffering from the weight of responsibility on their tiny shoulders. The time that they spend in school is not the time for bearing the weight of our expectations, but it is a time of learning, understanding and dreaming.


Phoebe Fleming

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Rethinking and Redesigning the Education system in the Grassroots to significantly impact the future. For more information check out CommuniGator .

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