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Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India.

Dear Mr. Modi,
I appeal to you because you are the Prime Minister of India and you hold a lot of influence over your people as you are so highly respected.

The Indian Bengal Tigers are being unnecessarily poached and killed for their skin, tales, and other body parts for some fake medicinal reasons that don’t exist.

My campaign is about the Bengal Tigers in India who are being killed unnecessarily for their body parts.

I would like your influence on your people to help stop the killing of tigers. I would like you to do this by banning all the killing of tigers and if these poachers commit this act, make their punishment prison time. I would like the penalty of that crime to be imprisonment for 10 years and a $10,000 fine.

This issue is important to me because we can’t let anymore animals become extinct as there is already too many tigers who have perished. The world wouldn’t like to see this beautiful tiger become extinct because of a human act of cruelty.
My issue is that tigers are dying unnecessarily for a reason which doesn’t even exist, which is that these people actually believe they need the tiger parts for medicinal purposes. They also sell these tiger parts for a higher price and the poachers are gaining high profit from the sale.

When the poacher sells the tiger they get $48,000 for a live tiger in India, to sell the tiger overseas for someone to use as a pet.
There are only 17,000 tigers left in the world, and most of these are in captivity. There are approximately 7,000 in the USA in captivity and most of these are domesticated and could not live outside their captivity and that's not good for the tigers
This could definitely change the tigers from going extinct by putting someone alleged for killing tigers illegally and give them jail and and a massive fine
Because the prime minister is well respected and the people will listen to you and has the power to make that change and if change is not made the tigers will perish so make you must make the change
By signing this petition, you can make a massive impact on not only on tigers but other animals being poached as this will set a benchmark around the world. This is why it is crucial to put a end to tiger poaching.


jayden sharpe

How this will help

By stopping the killing of the bengal tigers in India

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