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David Littleproud

I am currently campaigning about overfishing in order to prevent the loss of many fish species in the ocean. As minister of agriculture and water resources you can help my campaign by legislating on this issue.

Deep sea trawlers use large nets and catch many non-targeted fish. The non-target catch is often discarded, many fish species are becoming endangered. If this is not reason alone to act, overfishing could lead to food shortages around the world. Deep sea trawling is unsustainable and could lead to unemployment or endanger protected waters.

If you were able to ban the use of drift nets, limit deep sea trawling and have bigger penalties on people catching endangered fish species, than it would help reduce over fishing in Australia.

As minister you have a responsibility to the Australian people. You have the power to influence legislative changes that could bring about an end to over fishing therefore helping fish stocks within Australian waters become a resource that will be sustainable into the future for all Australians. Please help us Mr Littleproud


Zac Wiese

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signing the petition will encourage Mr littleproud to see how much this issue is for Australian waters.

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