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Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to bring ‘minimum’ sentences in Scotland and new sentencing guidelines to be introduced for people who are grooming children online. This for any sexual gratification from such things as asking children under the age of 16 years old to send pictures of themselves clothed or naked, speaking in a sexual manor, Sending videos of themself or pictuers of them self in a sexual manor and arranging for sexual activity. This tying in with the Sexual Offences ACT Scotland 2009 and Protection of children prevention of sexual offences (Scotland) ACT 2005. This ties in with a statement Police Scotland relsied in a News paper artical in the Scottish Sun on the following date 10th February 2018. Saying that it is ok for online groomers to groom our children online belongs they dont meet that child for sexual actiivity. We would like to bring the laws in Scotland inline with those in England, where the level of criminality for child grooming is not determined by whether the perpetrator is in communication with a genuine minor or an adult posing as a minor, However is determined by the perpetrators belief that they are communicating with a minor that justice and minimum sentencing is brought upon the perpetrator as the intent and grooming offences has still taken place. We need to asess these types of crime on a case by case basis such as re-offenders gaining bail.
Sentencing needs to be appropriate and in accordance with the severity of the crime of sexual grooming of children. Current sentencing guidelines must be reviewed in order to seek justice and to protect the rights of the innocent


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By signing this petition the Scottish Government will need to look into the laws and recognise that child grooming is wide spread in Scotland.  


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