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Leeanne Enoch the Minister for environment in qld

We the undersigned demand that the conservation efforts to re populate the northern hairy nosed wombat be acknowledged by the relevant authorities. We request that the government assign land for the repopulation of the endangered Australian mammal to aid in developing a new site for the purpose of preserving the Northern Hairy nosed wombat population as well as to increase the likelihood of the successful population rehabilitation.
This issue should be made a priority due to the current population state of the hairy nosed wombat, if disease disaster struck the two current colonies it would have dire consequences on the total population of this endangered species.

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is one of the largest land mammals in the world. They also the world's largest burrowing herbivore. Currently, there are only about 200 northern hairy-nosed wombats left, found at Epping Forest National Park and the Richard Underwood Nature Refuge.

The continued existence of the northern hairy-nosed wombat is threatened by everything from potential local catastrophes and loss of genetic diversity, to competition for food and droughts.

A few conservation efforts have been made, including the allocation of the wombats to a new location as well as further research/experiments since wombats are a notoriously difficult species for which to develop assisted breeding techniques in captive management. However, an enormous amount of effort still must be made in order for the wombat population to increase to a stable size. With only 200 Northan hairy nosed wombats left the time to take action to avoid the extinction of this animal is now.


Will Edwards

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How this will help

This petition will assist the relevant organisations in establishing a second settlement for the Northern hairy nosed wombat in an effort to assist population security for the endangered mammel.

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