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David Attenborough (Broadcaster & Naturalist)

I have chosen a campaign to reduce the amount of tigers that are being killed and to implement some laws against poaching overseas. But I can’t do this on my own which is why I need you to support my campaign to help increase the population of tigers across the world. It is important that you support my campaign because over a century ago there were over 100,000 tigers roaming in the wild now there is roughly only 3,200 in the wild and over the last 10 years over 1,000 tigers where killed my poachers for their parts. If the world continues to ignore this ongoing issue before we know it the tiger species will be wiped from the earth.

The current issue is that tigers are getting killed by poachers for their parts to make money. I think you should be strongly thinking about helping with my campaign because your whole career is about animal life on earth and if this species is wiped from existence we will have lost an amazing animal over greed. Here are three reasons why you should help my campaign 1. Your whole life you have loved and studied animals across the earth 2. If we don’t do anything now they will be extinct 3. Innocent tigers are getting killed for money.

If we undertake our actions we will hopefully be able to reduce the amount of tigers killed by poachers overseas and hopefully have some laws put in place. If you take action to this situation there would be a massive effect in the growth of tigers across the world.

You need to take action now because if you don’t there will be one less animal to be documented on your shows. It is your responsibility to help make a difference because you have based your whole career on the animals on earth and to just sit around and do nothing to stop an animal in is how they are going to become extinct


Jack Lewington

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How this will help

This petition will help becuase david is a famous broadcaster on animals around the world and he would be able to get the word out quickly.

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