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Najib Razak , Prime minister of Malaysia

Dear Mr Razak,
As the prime minister of Malaysia you should know and understand about the mass deforestation that is plaguing your country and affecting the globe. We the people, speak for the animals who cannot speak for themself and ask for the government to take a stronger stance when it comes to deforestation. We only have a finite amount of resources on this planet and we can’t afford to lose them.

Palm oil is a important asset to Malaysia and banning Palm oil is not on the agenda. Palm oil is a prosperous and clean resource but has a stigma attached to it due to the deforestation and burn offs. The stigma around palm oil has become so negative to the point countries has multiple names that it hides behind. Eliminating deforestation through cracking down on illegal logging and burn offs by having heavier penalties and banning companies that are using sustainably farmed palm oil. With mass burn offs the people of Malaysia are getting smoked out just like the 2015 South East Asia Haze. The animals that belong to the diverse rainforest within Malaysia are becoming more and more threatened and if nothing is changed will become extinct.

The rainforest is 60% of Malaysia and inhabits a variety of animals on the verge of being a story told from history teachers. As you will know the orangutans are approaching this fate at an alarming pace just like many others within the rainforest. Palm oil can be and is being produced sustainably with a profit so why are companies not following this trend. If all deforestation was stopped the rainforest could regenerate in about 60-90 years from now. This isn't an impossibility. The government needs to have more eyes and ears focused on the rainforest to stop illegal logging and poaching within the rainforest as now Only you can take action against the atrocities committed to your wonderful country and wildlife. Increasing the penalties and fines will further increase the deterrent to illegal deforestation.

Having more police or designated rangers patrol through the rainforest will mean increased security and will make criminals think twice before burning through the forest. This would also make companies convert to sustainable practices and if found using unsustainable produce, heavy fines will be applied and bans will be in place. Malaysia would be able to separate themself from other countries that still use deforestation as a means of clearing land.Creating a logo that could display the pride of having palm oil that is sustainable. Taking this initial step could be a motivator for other countries within Indonesia to follow the footsteps of Malaysia. With your help Indonesia could become a completely sustainable palm oil country.

If you don’t take action no one else can. You are the prime minister and you have the authority and power to stop the tremendous damage to the rainforest. You are the one who can initiate the change in your country and the world. You are the leader of your country so now is the time to lead to a better more sustainable future with prospering wildlife not under threat of extinction. Change must be made now as change cannot wait any longer and neither can the rainforest. Please take action and stop the beautiful country of Malaysia from being deforested. The world cannot wait any longer.


R Hayes

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Signing this petition will be doing your part in helping stop the vicious deforestation that is plaguing Malaysia. Getting the government to take a firm stance is how we will drive deforestation out of Malaysia.

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