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These Are The Best Body Postures When You Sit!!!

You may not realize it but when it comes to sitting, you need to maintain a posture that keeps your spine straight and also you end up feeling less...

These Are The Best Body Postures When You Sit!!!

You may not realize it but when it comes to sitting, you need to maintain a posture that keeps your spine straight and also you end up feeling less tired and get up feeling in a good shape. But for that there are a few things to keep in mind. Almost everyone who is a working professional sits for long hours on a go. So when it comes to sitting there are a few basics to keep in mind that shall insure you have a good posture. 

  1. Make sure your back is at a right angle to your thighs: You need to maintain the posture such that your thighs are at a 90 degree angle with your calves. Since your hands will over the desk so ensure your shoulders are straight and squared, your head is upright and your neck, back and heels are correctly aligned. 
  2. Adjust your legs such that your feet are flat while sitting: When sitting your feet should be totally flat such that they are facing in the direction where you sit. Also remember to keep your thighs on the floor facing the direction of your sitting. In case your feet don't reach the floor then you better use a footrest.   
  3. Find a supportive chair that helps you maintain a good posture: Often times when we are working, always prefer using a chair which is ergonomically designed to support whichever way you sit.A chair that supports your body posture, it should be able to able to provide a good support to your lumbar. It would be even better if you can get a chair that has adjustable height and weight. 
  4. Adjust your computer monitor to help with your posture: This may come as a part of office ergonomics but until it is in your control. You can angle the computer such that the monitor is slightly upward so that it forces you to sit in the best posture possible. It should also not be such that you have to push your chin ahead to see what's on the screen. 
  5. Try and adjust the height of your monitor such that the angle is aligned properly 
  6. Your arms should be flexed so adjust your chair and aim for a 75-90 degree angle for your elbows. Point is to prevent yourself from slouching 
  7. Make necessary adjustments to maintain a good posture while you drive: Car seats can be adjusted so you better select the alignment that suits you. Maintain a healthy distance from the pedals and also the steering wheel. If you are leaning forward with toes reaching for the wheel then you are very far. On the contrary when you are bunched up with your chin on top  of the steering when then you are way too close.
  8. With cars you don't always get the best seats. Get yourself a lumbar support that shall help your spine take a good shape. As a rule just make sure your head isn't more than 10 cm away from the headrest.
  9. Also your knees should be at the same level as your hips or maybe slightly above. Even when it comes to the car protective systems, they are best used when you are correctly aligned with your seats. 
  10. Take standing breaks when you are sitting for long period: This is one thing that has to be done even when you are maintaining a correct posture. A simple stretching that can be followed by a brisk walk or a stand up can be helpful when you are sitting for long hours. A simple walk on the floor or getting out of the car to take a walk is always a good idea when you are in a position for long hours.

Maintaining a good posture is very important. Even when you are sleeping, it always pays to be sleeping in the correct posture. Few things to keep in mind are: when you sleep upside down, it's better to have a pillow under your stomach which shall provide your support. For your head, choose a pillow that is flat or even better don't use a pillow for your head. When sleeping on your back, have a small pillow behind your knees and choose a supportive pillow for the head. For people sleeping on their side, place the pillow between your knees and pull it towards your chest. In a crux, pick a pillow that keeps your head and spine straight.

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