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The Task: Taking positively and accepting the League of Legends smurf accounts for the benefits of the players in the game.

The Issue: League of legends is no doubt one of the popular video games because there are millions of addicted players on different countries love to play this game. But, as it became popular, it has also some issues that other players might discourage in playing of it. What are those issues? One of the issues here is the creation and abused usage of LOL smurf accounts. Many of the players used smurfing for their own advantage just like playing or toying for the beginners or less experienced low-level unranked LOL accounts. Here comes in the issue that sometimes caused problems, stress and hurt other LOL players. But, weighing in the positive over negative, there are lots of positive outcome that the League of Legends smurf account could give.

The Solution: League of legends smurf accounts are not bad as all of you think. It is not only created for a purpose of playing or trolling other players in the game. Instead there are lots of positive issues that you should consider too and this might be helpful in your present game situation.

First, smurf accounts are usually created by the high ranked level League of legends players. Anyone could buy and get new smurf accounts for your personal reasons or issues. Mostly, a positive reason in making smurf account is that it provides another opportunity to work again for your failed game move. If you are stacked in your game level, or just say you regretted in using that move for the game, and have questions like “what if I used the other” , then surely you can try to get smurf accounts and used it to play again for another round. Another good reason in getting a smurf account is to play and use it for your friends. Sometimes, you have a new friend who is a beginner in playing this game. This is also the best way to make friends with them and play as a team. Lastly, having a smurf account can give you another opportunity to prove your ability and experience in this game. If you have won another game strategy with different champions using smurf accounts, then you are really a LOL game expert!


Kathy Duell

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These are the reasons that Riot games and other LOL players should consider about the good side of smurf accounts. To get the best deal for league of legends smurf accounts, check out our website!

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