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Canadians do not have an unlimited income for rental costs rising from British Columbia to Ontario.

The blue collar workers pay for the majority of the taxes in Canada, and find it challenging to pay for the rising costs for rent. Many families starve to pay rental prices across Canada! Particularly in the larger cities across North America. Maybe at times there was economic boom's through-out Canadian history, but as our economy goes, it goes from boom to bust yet the costs for living are still rising beyond the means to pay for a normal life in Canada! Especially rising rentals and housing costs.

We campaign to Cap the Rent across Canada from the West Coast of British Columbia to the Eastern Provinces; Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New Brunswick; a two bedroom apartment in Fort St John is about 1400 to 1600 a month ($ and more). In British Columbia the rent is from 1600 - 2400 ($ and more) a month.

For young people, and single parents, and even young working people, and elderly, their income is consumed by skyrocketing rental costs. So what do you live on? Nothing!

Economic expenditure for the consumers across Canada is almost nil. (most Canadians use credit cards at Christmas time) that is why huge businesses are closing the doors across Canada. No one can pay for something, when the income does not meet and match costs!

Cap the rental and housing costs across Canada. We are are country of growing homelessness from youth to families and elderly. The younger work-force of Canada is going homeless across the country, and sleep on the floors, in tents, and shelters. The land of plenty was sold to free trade agreements leaving Canadians that pay tax with nothing!

We seek and ask the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Cap the Costs of Rental Units, which is out of control because of Free Trade; plan and prepare for the Future of Canada and end the madness of rising costs for housing!

Aboriginal Commissioner South Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Cowichan Tsou'halim

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End The Housing Crisis for Canadians!

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