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UC Berkeley Chancellor

Hatem Bazian, a lecturer in Berkeley’s Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies department, retweeted two images in July, one portraying a caricature of a religious Jew declaring his birthright to kill, rape and steal the land of Palestinians. The other image portrays North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, wearing a Jewish skullcap, saying, “I just converted all of North Korea to Judaism…Now my nukes are legal.”
Hatem Bazian has shown that he is nothing more than an anti-semite and hater of Jews and he is sending hate messages targeting Jews and this is totally unacceptable to all good people. We demand his resignation or his firing immediately. There should be a ZERO tolerence on these kind of haters teaching young minds at UC Berkeley or any other institutions of higher learning!


Alan Kaplan

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I will personally take it to the Chancellors office and sit there until Hatem is fired! 

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