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Local and Federal Government: For a Sustainable Energy System in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has suffered a complete collapse of the energy system due to Hurricane Maria. Previous to this natural disaster, we had to live with an expensive, outdated and extremely fragile system.

Now that the system is basically destroyed, we see an opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure in intelligent and sustainable ways, and not merely patch up an outdated grid.

With this petition, the People of Puerto Rico demand the Local and Federal Government Officials that the rebuilding process of our grid is made right this time. For the future of our economy and our basic survival we have to plan intelligently and design an independent sustainable energy grid.

This will require a comprehensive plan so that our island abandons all outdated and dangerous energy generation and distribution systems, but can also offer a brighter future as the first completely ecological energy system in the Americas.

We have to do this NOW. Petition your local government representative for a sustainable energy system NOW. Let the government hear your voice. Please sign and share.

Thank you!


Cristina A Cardalda

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How this will help

Signing this petition will let the government hear your voice. We need to rebuild a reliable sustainable energy system NOW. 

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