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Mr. Malcolm Turnbull

I am writing to you in regards to our campaign “Free From Factory Farming” which focuses on the current epidemic of mistreated animals in a lot of factory farms worldwide. With your high level of power and ability to speak out towards other world leaders, I request you to inform other world leaders of the billions of animals killed annually for our own consumption and provide ways of minimising the death toll. They may keep your stomach full through a single day but that is nothing compared to the months of mistreatment and stress each animal lives through. In order to minimise the birth of farm animals for human consumption you must set rules for the farmers to raise a certain amount of each animal per annum. It is important for you to reduce the upbringing of farm animals for human consumption because it adds to methane emissions.
In the year 2000, an approximate figure of animals killed 9.7 billion. In current times it has clocked over 56 billion, this figure doesn’t even include sea animals which is easily measured in tonnes. To keep factory farms functioning it requires an extreme amount of resources. According to Scientific American, producing half a pound (226g) of potatoes emits the same as driving a small car 0.17 miles (0.2km) whereas half a pound of beef emits as much as driving the same car 9.8 miles (12.7 km). That’s 63 times more emissions released from a serving of steak than that of a potato. Methane emissions are also a major concern within Australia, being recorded 10 times higher than it was a decade ago. According to a 2006 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, including 37 percent of methane emissions and 65 percent of nitrous oxide emissions. The methane releases from billions of imprisoned animals on factory farms are 70 times more damaging per ton to the earth’s atmosphere than CO2.
Cutting down on the outflow of meat from factory farms would indefinitely drop the amount of emissions, meaning a much healthier Australia and hopefully the planet. To focus on more vegetable related growth would be the best outcome. There’s plenty of farmers doing their best to keep their farms functioning in order to provide us food, it wouldn’t hurt to back them as appreciation for everything they do. Giving back to the farmers of Australia would encourage and provide even more support to expand their crop growth and with a reduced amount going to farm animals there’d be more food to feed homeless and less fortunate people thus giving Australia a higher standard.
Australia is reasonably sound on the list of countries ordered by their carbon dioxide emissions, reducing it more would be nothing short of a win for the country. As Prime Minister of Australia, you Mr. Turnbull have the power to voice this epidemic to the world, open the eyes of people that aren’t your jurisdiction for it would be selfish to care only for your own country. Australia is a democratic country which votes for a potential prime minister that they see fit to improve the country. As stated, reducing the production of farm animals for slaughtering will indefinitely decrease and with promised emission reduction during a meeting in Paris this is your solution to do so.


Hunter Lapp

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If every person became more aware of what their meals endured before they landed on the dinner plate or the diseases carried from them then factory farms would face no choice but to revert to free range.

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