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Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya

My name is Harry Mercer and I am a part of an organisation that fights the cause that is the illegal poaching of innocent wild elephant’s tusks. In the country that you supposedly love and the country that you are responsible for the people and animals who live their life in your country. Elephants that have been killed deserve to get redemption. There needs to be jail time and bans on ivory export out of your country. This would minimise the amount of elephants murdered by a long shot if this risk is increased. These animals are your responsibility. This country is your responsibility. Change it and make a difference.

Hundreds of elephants are killed every day and these poachers that live in your country practically get let off free. One elephant is killed every 16 minutes, and at this rate by the end of my generation elephants are at risk of being extinct. This shows to me that you have no concerns for the natural beauty that is the African elephant. Changing ivory poaching will increase the population of elephants by tenfold and will also help the ecosystem repair itself as with the decrease in elephant population it is being affected.

Compared to the price that ivory is sold the consequences for ivory poaching are laughable. For possessing ivory the fine is tiny and even for murdering elephants and harvesting ivory, in most cases there is just a fine of $16000. In comparison doing just one day of poaching they can earn treble that.

Uhuru Kenyatta, this is your country and you are responsible for the people who live there and the animals. Why are you letting these elephant murders get away with just a slap on the wrist? Something needs to be changed and you are the man to do it.


Harry Mercer

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This petition will work as it will encourage

Uhuru Kenyatta to increase the penalties against ivory poaching. This would make people more scared to kill elephants decreasing ivory poaching

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