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Joko Widodo (Prime Minister of Indonesia)

My campaign is to save the orang-utans from extinction. The way that the world is going the humble orang-utan will be extinct by 2030. We can raise awareness buy stopping the sales of all non-sustainable palm oil products and also by donating to the WWF or to the orang-utan foundation. We are requesting your help as it has come to the point where there are going to be no orang-utans left in the world sooner than we know it. If you could help us with raising awareness of the issue in Indonesia as the people of Indonesia probably have no idea how many forests are getting chopped down by the day nor how many orang-utans are dying daily. We need the support of Indonesian government because otherwise the word of extinction will not get out fast enough and before we know it the humble orang-utan will be gone forever.
The WWF and the orang-utan foundation are two great foundations that are both working really to help save the orang-utans but without the support of others the word isn’t going to get out about the foundations and their cause. The first reason for a change is because if no change is made then there will be no more orang-utans left in the forest. Another reason is that there are only 65,000 orang-utans left in Sumatra and Borneo and that the number has been slashed by 50% in the past 10 years. Also, the deforestation in Indonesia is already a serious problem and it’s just getting worse, adding to the problem the loggers of Indonesia have either clubbed or beaten to death over 150 orang-utans this year alone. Change is needed as innocent animals are dying and the only way to change this is to raise awareness and donate to causes that fight for the orang-utans otherwise there will be no more orang-utans on this earth.
The actions that need to be taken are for you to take responsibility for your native animals and help them survive. If the ban on non-sustainable palm oil products goes ahead with the government then people will have no choice but to save the orang-utans. Once action is taken then the orang-utan’s forests will be able to be preserved and the orang-utans can go back to their normal lives in the forests.
You should take action on this issue because the orang-utans are native to your country and you could soon lose one of your greatest tourist attractions. You are a well-respected leader and can easily exert your power on this issue. The preservation of orang-utans is in your hands and your future generations of Indonesian people will only know their beautiful native orang-utan if you act upon this issue, be their hero, save the orang-utans.


kyle pilbeam

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Requesting this action is important because orangutans need your help as they cannot stand up for themselves.

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