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Dear Robert Smith We are campaigning to reduce the amount of water pollution and improve the water quality. As the United States is one of the biggest countries for water pollution we need to make the law stricter on the domestic households and the general public, as well as the industrial factories. it is important that you support this campaign as you are the second biggest water polluting country. By looking at the population of the U.S and how much the pollution stats are compared to other country’s means there is too much pollution coming from each head in your country.

The issue is that there is too much water pollution and it needs to be reduced. It is concerning the amount of humans die in a year. It is sad to see all the children die because they are eating and drinking their own waste About 70% of industrial waste is dumped into our waterways. We need to change as this is a terrible problem and we can’t continue to keep going down this path. 40% of the global mortality is the direct or indirect result of water quality and pollution issues.

If the you change the law so its stricter with harsher consequences people will abide by the law which will improve the quality of our water and reduce water pollution. People will be a lot heather and cleaner which effects our livelihood and our economy.

It is your responsibility to make a change, other countries have made their change, why haven’t you? Do want more kids to die each year from polluted water. More and more marine life is dying from polluted water which puts our eco system at risk. Do you want to keep drinking water with others peoples waist in it. This problem is your responsibility as the United States is one of the the biggest water polluting countries. If you made the law stricter this wouldn’t be a problem and would make the world a lot cleaner and healthier place.

Yours sincerely,
Cooper Overdijk


Cooper Overdijk

How this will help

Because Robert Smith is the head of EPA and if he is aware of what marine pollution is damaging and how bad it is he will likely to try and fix it.

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