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Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad (SOPB)

This campaign is about reducing the number of palm oil plantations which result in a decreasing orangutan population. We are writing to you for your support with trying to stop illegal logging and palm oil companies logging more forest then what they need to be able to plant palm oil crops. After reading your environmental Sustainability Policy it states “develop palm oil plantations only on degraded and logged land”. This means that your company must log its own land for the growth of palm oil, This is not the case, your company and many more companies hire illegal logging companies to log the land. These companies log land for palm oil too far in advance and it is not right, your company should not create any more new palm oil plantations for 2 or three years to slow down the rate of deforestation. The reason why you should support this issue is that we can live in a sustainable world if we are not taking land that we do not need and we leave the orangutans and many more animals alone. The reason that we have decided to write to you and your company is that you are one of the biggest and most powerful palm oil exporters, and that you will be able to support our pledge to stop deforestation and the rapid growth of new palm oil plantation. We are asking for you to farm palm oil in a more sustainable way, by replanting trees which have been chopped down. We also need to stop clearing so much land as we are currently doing and making the areas of land farmed not so big. We can also reduce our need for palm oil and replace the oil with alternative products. My research shows that 250,000 tons of palm oil was exported from Asia over the past year, which means companies were logging and planting more crops then they are legally allowed to plant. In Sumatra on average 10.8 million hectares of forest is logged a week. Changes need to be made and made quickly, illegal logging is well, simply illegal, and is the number one factor to deforestation, burning of the forest releases smoke into the air. The final reason why this needs to change is that we are destroying animal’s habitat for something that people want not need.
If these actions will slow down the deforestation rate, there are organisations out there are protesting for the boycott of palm oil. If we stopped or slowed down the rate of palm oil growth the orangutan population will double in the next 2 years and the world will become more sustainable.

I believe if your company improves its palm oil policies, other will hopefully soon follow. The reason while I am writing to you is that your company is a major palm oil provider and your views on this issue will change the way other companies approach the issue. Thill


Tom Hill

How this will help

The use of palm oil is unsustainable. This petition will help the environment in reducing the palm oil production.

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