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Senator the Hon Scott Ryan. Deputy Prime Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

I am campaigning to stop overfishing, because it is a massive problem to the ecosystem which is being exploited. I am requesting that you change the way we manage our fish stocks. Instead of trying to restrict how fishermen do their work we should set strict performance standards and let fishermen decide how best to meet them. The mechanism to do this is called “catch shares.” A catch share program sets a scientific allowable total catch and then allocates a percentage share of that total to fishermen. They can also set conservative targets for specific areas. Shares, based on a percentage of total allowable catch or area, can be held by individuals, cooperatives, or communities.
It is important for you to change the way we manage fish because the effects of overfishing are being felt in many coastal communities. For those of who live in coastal states such as the Gold Coast this is more than just a news story. This hurts our family, friends, and neighbours. Entire communities depend on the income that fishermen bring in. Every level of the fish production is in danger from overfishing. From the fishermen themselves, to the dockworkers, to truck drivers, to canneries, to even those who own businesses in town’s house many fishing families, no one will be left untouched.

We must act now as a big team to reverse the effects of overfishing. A new study holds promise. Oceans of Abundance, a new report by scientific, economic, political and environmental leaders states that by employing "catch shares" we can properly manage fisheries and even raise profits. Catch shares, regardless of their form, have been proven to restore economic and environmental health to ocean fisheries because they set a mandatory scientific target and give fishermen maximum flexibility in choosing how to meet those targets. The mandatory target holds fishermen accountable to catching only the allowable amount of fish. The flexibility gives fishermen the chance to improve their efficiency, and allows them to benefit as they help restore the oceans. The value of their shares increases as the health of the resource improves. Fishermen are thus rewarded for fishing in ways that ensure the long-term health of the ecosystem.
Recognizing the potential of catch shares to restore fisheries, American Congress recently authorized their use. Since then, new scientific analyses have determined how powerful the catch share approach is. The combination of private accountability and flexibility works better than having the government try to manage the details of the fishing business.
You must review the findings of this new study and act swiftly to protect Australian fisheries. The economy of our long coastlines can be saved, but only if the Australian Government also follows the findings of Oceans of Abundance now
Yours sincerely Matt Kitto


Matt Kitto

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How this will help

I believe requesting this action will be the best for all the
fisheries and the families and communities that rely on fishing. If we all work together and sign this petition overfishing will...

I believe requesting this action will be the best for all the
fisheries and the families and communities that rely on fishing. If we all work together and sign this petition overfishing will become less of an issue

Senator the Hon Scott Ryan should take action because as the Minister of Environment and Water. He has the potential to be able to stop all the fisheries from taking some much fish from the ocean and too label to on Australian food the Australian farmed fish.

Names on a petition will influence the Minister because he will be able to see that a lot of people are concerned about this overfishing issue.

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