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I am very concerned about what your company has been doing to our polar bears and would like to state that our polar bears are slowing becoming extinct due to global warming and the ice caps melting. However polar bear numbers are decreasing because your company and many other companies are the main problem that Polar Bears are endangered and this needs to stop as they are very important to our Artic Marine ecosystem.
To save our polar bears we need your support to stop hunting them down and start help saving them. There are many other options that are available for you to keep your company up and going by making fake replicas or find different animals that aren’t endangered. By doing these simple things it will help save our polar bears by 50% and the other 50% is due to global warming which we are trying to stop as well.
By doing these simple acts our polar bears won’t be as endangered as they are now because one of their main threats will stop and they will live longer and might not go extinct. On the other hand global warming is the other main reason which also needs to be slowed down and stopped as the hotter the earth gets the faster the ice caps will melt and the polar bears need the ice caps to be able to hunt their prey. Their main prey is seals and they live in the water by having the ice caps they are able to sense seals from 1km away and break through the ice or leaping off the edge for their prey. This relates to your company as there is already a predator ‘global warming’ killing our polar bears and you are becoming another which can be easily stopped.

The impact that your company has on polar bears is huge and needs to be stopped because as I said before they are important to our Artic marine ecosystem. So by killing the polar bears there will be nothing to stop these problems and it will be worse and more animals will go instinct. By your company stopping what they are doing by hunting these polar bears there will be a massive change to the life spand of polar bears and they might not become instinct. So please think about what I have said and what affect your company as on polar bears and try and help us save them instead of killing them
Yours sincerely,


Olivia Feltell

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How this will help

It will help by letting people know what is happening to polar bears and how we can try and fix it.


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