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John Durkan, CEO of Coles Supermarkets as of Jul. 2014

I want to reduce factory farming. Factory farming is extremely detrimental to our ecosystem and horrifically cruel towards animals. Demand for animal products is growing, and we can’t keep up. I would like all Coles Supermarkets to put in place new guidelines for the display of their meat and poultry sections, where all factory farmed meats are grouped together and free range, organics are separate. Clear signage should be included to explain the difference between these products. I believe this will have a fantastic impact of the demand for factory farmed meats. In your position you have the power to really make a difference. It is absolutely crucial that we have your support on this issue.
Factory farming is a highly intensive method of producing animal products such as meat, poultry, eggs and milk. Animals kept on these farms, are subject to extremely poor conditions and are deprived of their basic needs, such as roaming, space and proper food. Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today. However, the issue is kept under wraps, and the general public are completely unaware of the devastating impacts of factory farming. The environment also is suffering, as a result of water and land pollution from excessive manure. This method is cruel and unethical. Baby animals are mutilated without pain relief and are forced into highly over-crowded enclosures. These appalling conditions often result in animals becoming extremely sick and requiring antibiotics. 80% of all antibiotics consumed in the US are fed to livestock. We then consume their products. I’m sure you agree that change is absolutely vital.
It is clear that the majority of the public are unaware of the seriousness of this issue, if not completely unaware of it all together. Changing how animal products are sorted and displayed has the potential to make a very positive impact. If products are grouped according to whether or not they are factory farmed or ethically sourced, this will really encourage consumers to make smarter choices about what they buy. This removes the guess work for consumers and makes ethical products readily available, without having to read into confusing labels to decide whether they are happy with how it is sourced.
This is a crucial step towards reducing factory farming. You are in a perfect position that is very influential. As Coles is one of the leading supermarkets, this change can really make a difference for consumers’ buying choices. Change is absolutely necessary and it is our responsibility to take action against this cruelty. I strongly encourage you to put this movement in place, and can ensure that we will see huge benefits.


Jacinta Chick

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If change is not made this issue will only continue to grow. Factory farming is detrimental to not only the environment but also our personal health, and is the number one cause of animal...

If change is not made this issue will only continue to grow. Factory farming is detrimental to not only the environment but also our personal health, and is the number one cause of animal cruelty. Taking action and recreating the way products are sorted in Coles Supermarkets Australia wide, will make ethical products readily available and convenient for the consumers.

As the CEO of Coles Supermarkets, one of Australia's leading supermarkets, John Durkan has the potential to make great changes and influence consumers to purchase wisely.

The more signatures we have, shows that we have a lot of support and that this action will be very successful. This petition proves that the community fully support change and are determined to make a difference.

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