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The Honourable Carolyn Bennett & Prime Minister of Canada

Seeking justice and compensation for the many babies, children, men and women that died at the hands of experiments, sterilization, t.b. and small pox; doctors performed abortions because native girls got pregnant in residential school from priests or brothers from the Roman Catholic Church. The Indian Hospitals are a dark history not long ago, which requires serious attention from the massive and high statistical counts of deaths, no healing, no health factor, only institutional death and experiments; we look at the "cause" and "effect"!

Tuberculosis is not native, nor from North America and native populations became exposed to T.B. through trade with non-native peoples and pox or T.B. blankets were given in trade to native peoples, resulting in huge populations dying. T.B. or pox, and that era has a huge negative impact on native nations today of North America First Nations Population with no sympathy. Many native people died in the T.B. Indian Hospitals of Canada. Today, the information and health care information is withheld by Canada because, it depicts the many native children, men and women that died in the Indian Hospitals of Canada under brutal experiments;
Compensation for the many children, women, men used under diabolical experimentation's in TB Indian Hospitals across Canada.

Seeking Reconciliation in Health Care; 50/50 Aboriginal Health Care employee's in Canada for the loss of many people that died by health Canada. Native people hold a vast wealth of untapped health care information, which is stolen too by pharmaceuticals and wanna be self-proclaimed native or non-native men and women medicine peoples. Its an insult to Native Medicine Peoples of Canada, to view self-proclaimed medicine peoples bastardizing our native health products.

I spoke to an Elder whose almost 90 years old, he advised me to make aware of the many children who were exposed to a deadly disease in residential school; Tuberculosis.

The native people of Canada do not trust health care doctors, nurses, or health care workers today, because of generations of health care abuses and cause of many deaths; Health care professionals and Government of Canada worked in Agreement for the Indian Hospitals, and the history of those hospitals depict a time of brutal and violent health care practice toward native peoples.

Elders seeking a lawyer to find justice for all the people, that survived, those that did not survive, and their children and grandchildren alive today; if there be a lawyer out there, please help our elders of Cowichan.

Incentives for having children, after decades of depopulation practices in Canada!

Compensation for the many elderly, and their children or grandchildren that survived the Indian Hospitals of Canada.


Cowichan Tsou'halim

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Awareness of Health Brutality, Racism and Genocide of First Nations Peoples Canada and Indian Hospitals; where experiments happened and a huge population of native peoples died from brutal health...

Awareness of Health Brutality, Racism and Genocide of First Nations Peoples Canada and Indian Hospitals; where experiments happened and a huge population of native peoples died from brutal health care treatments! Is anybody sorry?  Small pox and tuberculosis causing the huge population of native peoples to die, was no accident? Become aware of the foundation of health care Canada, and what happened to huge population of native peoples? Only the most resilient survived! We seek compensation for loss of lands, huge systemic deaths of native populations, and alternative measures of health care in Canada which includes the technology from Native Medicines delivered by Native Medicine Keepers. Much of our medicine has been used by huge corporations for making money and certain stakeholders filthy rich in Canada; stolen technology. We seek Reconciliation from Canada, Roman Catholic Church for helping a foreign Government to persuade our peoples and stealing lands, and for Indian Agents that would not speak Native, and lied to native peoples; many of our people died from pox and TB. We seek Reconciliation from Contact with foreign peoples, bringing foreign illness and disease, causing huge populations to die out resulting in foreign people to gain massive wealth. We seek a lawyer too! Aho


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