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Mr Gregory Andrews, Threatened Species Commissioner

Bees are in danger of becoming extinct. Without bees humans can’t survive. With your help as the Threatened Species Commissioner we can save the bee population. Your help is most definitely needed to ban certain pesticides and encourage people to plant trees and flowers in their yards. Without bees humans cannot survive.

This issue needs to be addressed and if it is not it could mean human extinction. Bees are needed as they provide one third of the human diet and pollinate the trees humans need to survive. Without the correct pollination of these crops we will have no fruit and vegetables that are needed to give vitamins and health. Also, the average person needs two fully grown trees to survive but again, without the correct pollination these trees will die. Without bees plants cannot correctly be pollinated. This will mean that the fruit and vegetables grown will be smaller and that there will be less of them, meaning that the cost of fruit and vegetables will increase significantly and there will be less of them. With less fruit and vegetables humans will stop buying and farmers will lose business. When people stop buying the fruit and vegetables to keep a sustainable health level people will start to get sick from the lack of vitamins and nutrients they need. As you can see are major repercussions if we let the bees die.

If bees are extinct it will change the world dramatically. Humans cannot live without bees however, bees are very capable of living without humans. Without bees crops, trees and many other plants will begin to die off as they will not get the proper pollination that only bees can provide. Crop farmers, flower farmers, fruit and vegetable transporters and many, many more people will lose their jobs due to lack of produce. Losing jobs at this time will cause people’s health and wellbeing to decrease severely. The cost of produce will raise causing global catastrophe.

Mr Andrew’s, you need to take on this issue and do your part. Without your help the world could slip into global catastrophe. By banning some pesticides that kill bees and planting more trees and plants in city areas bees will be given the opportunity to repopulate. Nobody else has the complete power to plant more trees and flowers or to take away the disastrous pesticides used by people every day. Take a stand and save the bee population.


Cassidy Bowman

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This petition will shine a light on the issue showing the Threatened Species Commissioner that he can make a change. 

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