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Prime minister of Canada-Justin Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau.
Title and organisation of the person you are petitioning (eg Prime Minister of Australia, Secretary-General of the United Nations) Prime minister of Canada.

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Dear Justin Trudeau,

Paragraph 1
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• State exactly what you want this person to do to support your campaign
• Explain why it is important for them to support you
My campaign goal is to try and keep polar bears from extinction.

I want Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada to realise that he needs to be the one to do something about polar bear extinction.

I want him to start breeding zones for polar bears in the arctic in areas that still have a good amount of arctic ice which holds plenty of seals for the bears to feed on. This will enable polar bears to keep breeding and the bears will have a plentiful supply of food.

This is important as if the polar bears are not helped to breed by approximately 2050 there will be no polar bears left in the arctic.

Paragraph 2:
• Explain your issue, use facts which relate to the person/organisation you are petitioning
• Present 3 good reasons why change in their behaviour is needed

Polar bears are very rapidly becoming extinct and without help they will be completely extinct by about 2050.

Justin, did you know that Canada is home to two thirds of the global polar bear population. The polar bear was listed as species of Special Concern in November 2011. Although it seems that the Canadian Government has done a lot by establishing protected areas and developing the National Polar Bear Conservation Strategy there is still more that can be done.

Whilst one of the 19 polar bear subpopulations in the Artic were growing, 3 were declining.
The decline of the ice habitat due to climate change is the main threat to polar bears
With the ice melting and legal Hunting the polar bear this is a deadly combination that will eventually lead to the polar bears extinction.

Paragraph 3:
• Explain exactly how this action will change things,
• Describe the effect of their action on the issue

Creating polar bear breeding zones in the arctic will increase the overall population of the polar bears but not only that. It will also promote fish stocks and other marine species which are a vital food source for polar bears.
The affect that the Canadian government will have on creating breeding zones and other important needs of polar bear populations. Will create awareness in the Canadian community which will help with funding these breeding zones.
Paragraph 4:

• Explain why this person should take action, how they are in a position to make a difference
• Make it clear why it is their responsibility to act
• Make a final call to action
Justin Trudeau should take action because he’s the best person to create change in the issue as the facts show that Canada is home to two thirds of the world’s population so really if Justin doesn’t take action then the polar bear population is sure to become extinct.


Bobby Panovic

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How this will help


this petition is important because it's the only way that change is possible.

It will help by letting people know there's a problem with the polar bear population.



this petition is important because it's the only way that change is possible.

It will help by letting people know there's a problem with the polar bear population.

Justin Trudeau is in the best position to help and to take action as he is the prime minister of Canada which holds the highest population of polar bears.

Because having other significant people sign the petition can make the person think it will be worth it and actually do something.


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