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Andrew Powell

I am speaking for the people. My crusade is to ensure we have more cameras and clean up days, I want you to help our environment. As many people are aware you were first elected for the seat of glass house to the Queensland parliament for the liberal national party of Queensland at the 2009 Queensland election. I want you to put more cameras in place to help lessen the effects of pollution in our beautiful glass house mountains I want you to organise for clean up days and help get as many people as possible out picking up the rubbish left behind by the many insensitive people. It is important or you to do this and support us, so that our beloved glass house mountains don't go to waste.
I would like to bring to your attention just how much waste there really is, there is broken and burnt down cars, sitting in many of the tracks along the power lines, and all through out the bush there is bags of house hold rubbish, sitting up against trees, and many piles of garbage laying around. A change of behaviour is needed to save this beautiful iconic mountain, not just for the fun of people who enjoy the four wheel drive tracks and the bush walks but also because glass house was a special meeting place where many Aboriginal people gathered for ceremonies and trading. This place is considered spiritually significant with many ceremonial sites still present and protected today. If we don't do anything soon enough instead of looking out at the view of our beautiful bush we will be looking out at piles of rubbish there won't be any mountains full of trees and plants instead it'll be mountains of rubbish.
With your support Andrew Powell, we can and will return glass house back to the beautifully iconic mountain that everyone is proud of and enjoys seeing, it will attract many more people to come and have a look and enjoy and will encourage people to keep coming back.
Andrew Powell you should take place in this because, because you are the only person who can help us get glass house back to its original beauty, with you being ‘MP’ you can make the change you can sign this petition and get people down to help us pick up the rubbish and install the cameras. After all it is YOUR responsibility as a Member of parliament to look after glass house, and keep it on track. Andrew I am wanting your help to organise people to come down for clean up days and to install cameras.

Yours sincerely,
Rory Kemble


rory kemble

How this will help


we put more cameras up it will catch more people disposing incorrectly. This will help in keeping glasshouse mountains cleaner.

is the mp for glasshouse mountains Regan

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