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Neil Scales Director-General Department of Transport and Main Roads

My name is Carter Mewett and I am pushing to make changes to slow down the effects of climate change to help stop the bleaching of coral reef around the globe. I am looking to make changes to the laws around vehicle emissions, particularly in marine vessels where two stroke engines are causing a lot of damage. I need your support as you have to ability to make changes and get it thought the government.
The rise in temperatures in waters around the world are being caused by climate change. We need to make changes and make it fast before any more damage is done. We need to work on reducing emissions on and off the water. We need to remove all 2 stroke outboards under 40hp and any 2 stroke engine vehicle should also not be road legal, including 2 stroke motorbikes and scooters. All fleet companies and transport companies need to have vehicles that meet emission standards, and if a person’s vehicle done not meet the emission standards it will need a permit for use. Mining and earth moving equipment in large scale projects should be converted to hybrid power and machines (diesel electric). For certain areas of the reef we can also make thermal temperature controls so the coral has a chance to come back and survive.

By doing these simple things we can make major changes, reducing the speed of climate change. By removing two stroke engines from waterways it will keep oil out of our oceans and keeping two motorbikes of main roads it will reduce the output of co2 and oil on the streets. If we have all fleet and commercial company’s vehicles meet emission standards it will reduce a large amount of co2. If we powered our mining equipment powered by diesel electric it will reduce co2 output in the mining areas.

We need your help to get these standards met. You being head of main road and transport will be able to help enforce these small changes- we can’t stop climate change, but we can make changes to reduce its impact on our reefs. The Great Barrier Reefs need your help and you can end up being partly responsible for the death of reefs if you do not act. We need to act and act now.
Yours sincerely,
Carter Mewett


carter mewett

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How this will help

This person is high up in government so they have the ability to pass the laws and enforce them. The more people who sign this petition will show that change is needed because there is a lot of support for the campaign.

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