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John Durkan (Managing Director of Coles Australia

I want to put a stop to super trawlers overfishing globally and to reduce the impacts of overfishing on the marine environment. Overfishing severely affects marine life and ecosystems around the world due to fish stocks being removed from the sea by the tonne and not being given the time to reproduce to a sensible level. Action needs to be taken on this issue as fish are extracted at extreme levels from the ocean and not being replenished.

It’s imperative that Coles, as a well-known Australian brand, takes a stand against fish products that have been sourced by super trawlers. If Coles requires the longline symbol to be advertised on their products, this will urge customers to look out for it in other supermarkets. Coles could increase its profits, while raising awareness amongst the community. If we don’t act now, fish stocks, which are already at critically low levels in some areas, will struggle to repopulate.

Overfishing is an illegal act around the globe and continues to be a growing issue for many commercial fisheries in countries such as China, Peru and Chile. As much as 85% of the world's fisheries may be over-exploited, depleted, fully exploited or in recovery from exploitation. Additonally, according to a 2008 UN report, the world's fishing fleets are losing US$50 billion each year through depleted stocks and poor fisheries management. Both of these facts are alarming and need to be addressed by all nations around the world.

Fish are an important part of the ocean eco-system and if one species is overfished, other species are affected. Some species are in danger of extinction and overfishing is an illegal and is killing our fish at extreme levels. So if Coles chose to focus on purchasing products that are sustainably sourced and producing the longline symbol on their fish products they will be assisting in stopping these super trawlers practically emptying the ocean of fish and other animals

In addition, they would not only be helping the environment by restoring fish stocks and marine life but also be spreading awareness in local communities about super trawlers and overfishing. This will have a great effect on active marine ecosystems and educate current and future generations about the positive impacts they will have if they buy products that only display the longline fishing symbol.

I urge you to take action on this as soon as possible because this issue is only getting worse and tonnes of fish continue to be dragged from the depths of the ocean daily, many of which end up being thrown back dead and left to decompose. As Managing Director of one of the largest supermarket chains in Australia, I believe you can assist in helping our nation make a difference for the earth and its marine life. You need to act now otherwise we will as a nation watch all fish species become extinct instead of standing up now and making a change while we still can.


Reece Simspon

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By requesting this action we will be helping immensely with preserving the fish species in our oceans and giving time to active marine ecosystems to repopulate naturally and restore numbers in...

By requesting this action we will be helping immensely with preserving the fish species in our oceans and giving time to active marine ecosystems to repopulate naturally and restore numbers in the sea globally.

As Mr. John Durkan is the Managing Director of Coles, I believe he has the power to make a change for our country and take a stand on this issue while it can still be corrected. Coles would be in a position to support this idea and eventually turn over more earnings then they already make once the community supports this initiative.

If many people sign my petition, Mr. Durkan will recognise the importance of the issue to the people of Australia and many of whom are his customers, so if he wants to keep a loyal customer base he will act upon what Australian citizens believe needs to change

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