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Barnaby Joyce

Animal agriculture is destroying the planet and it is time that we do something about it. The aim of this campaign is to improve sustainable resource management of animal farming. Animal agriculture has impacts on the environment that many people are not aware of I would really appreciate if you would consider putting forward a bill to reduce that impact that the animal agriculture can have on the environment in the future. With the main points of the bill being the amount of land that can be used, the number of cattle per acre that can be farmed. Improve farming practises through crop rotation and more efficient use of resources and water. I believe that you are the best person to do something about this issue. With you being the deputy prime minister and the minister for animal agriculture and water, you have an excellent platform to influence the Australian people and make a change.

Animal agriculture has a devastating effect on the environment whether you would like to admit it or not. This business is the leading cause of deforestation, water and resource use, water pollution and land destruction. You are the minister for water you are supposed to be protecting our precious resources, yet you are supporting the over use of this resource. In 2009 and 2010 the Australian animal agriculture business used 2,649 GL of water if that was then just imagine what the water usage for this industry would be now that this business has increased. This industry is also the leading cause of deforestation. Deforestation causes. In May of this year you stated that you wanted a endangered possum to be taken off the endangered list so that you could cut down more bush land for animal agriculture. Profit is not more important than a species that we could potently never see again.

To start fixing this issue we need to reduce amount of land that can be used, the number of cattle per acre that can be farmed. Improve farming practises through crop rotation, crop rotation would restore the nutrients to the soil and reduce the amount of land destruction that animal grazing because therefore we would be able to use land for longer without needing to cut down more bushland. More efficient use of resources and water, all those creeks and rivers that you have posed next to for photos could be full and running if we used water more efficiently when it comes to the animal business. If you chose to support this you could potentially change the minds of many Australians and Australian businesses and make an amazing impact.

You should take action on this because without change we will destroy the Australian land and the wildlife that is so important. you have an amazing opportunity being deputy prime minister and minister for animal agriculture and water. Please don’t waste this opportunity to do something great for our country.



Erica McCann

How this will help

This will help by reducing the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment.

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