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Rob Davies - Minister of Trade and Industry of South Africa

Dear Mr Davies,

I am contacting you today to tell you about my campaign. My campaign is about the illegal poaching of elephants for the trade of ivory. I would like you to put some more money into hiring more rangers to protect your wildlife to catch these poachers and do more searches at the ports for illegal ivory trade and bring in heavier punishments for the poachers. This is important for you because you are in a position to actually make these changes. It is important because the elephants are in a position of becoming more than just critically endangered. Their population is reducing in large amounts every year and needs to be stopped.

This issue is extremely bad. Eventually the elephants will become extinct. There is an estimated 450,000 – 750,000 elephants left in the wild and these numbers will continue to drop at rapids rates. In the past 10 years, over 64% of the elephant’s population has been illegally poached and killed for their tusks. There are other alternatives to obtaining ivory from elephants though. So this slaughter of elephants is senseless and should be stopped.

If the slaughtering of elephants for their ivory is stopped we can greatly increase the life span of these elephants and help preserve them for longer amounts of time instead of short lives. It will also over time increase the population slowly because they will be in safer environments and not being killed for their ivory. The effect of the action will lead to the ivory trade hopefully being no more, and the illegal poaching of elephants will stop.

You should take action because you are in a position to do so. You have the power to stop the trade on ivory and can talk to other people about creating more job opportunities to have more rangers to stop these poachers in the wild. It is your responsibility to make a change and put these stricter rules in because if you don’t, these elephants will eventually become no more.

Yours sincerely,
Seth Parry


Seth Parry

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This is important because it can effectively stop the

extinction of the elephants and will do so in not a quick but slow manner and gradually get faster.


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