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stop buying ivory products.

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    ​Inform people on how to tell if it is real ivory from an elephant. A way to find out if a product is made out of real ivory is to take a needle or paperclip and burn it with a lighter until its red hot. Then take the needle/paperclip and touch the ivory in a non-conspicuous spot. If it is ivory, no burn mark will be left. But if its bone or plastic a burn mark will be left.

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    ​Inform people of the better alternatives to ivory. The culling of the elephants has to lead to people thinking of more humane ways of getting Ivory without killing these elephants illegally by digging up the extinct mammoth’s tusks.  But there is also another alternative to digging up the terrain. There is a synthetic celluloid ivory known as the French Ivory and can be crafted just like ivory can be made into ornaments and jewellery. This synthetic celluloid ivory can be found on a palm-like tree called Tagua and gives us 7-20 inch nuts.

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How this will help

It will increase the lifespan of the elephants.


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