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The president of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Dear Mr President,

I would like to take this opportunity to implore you to the urgency of stopping poaching as a priority in Kenya. We can only achieve this with your support in stopping the illegal trade in animal products and animals heading out of Kenya. More troops are required working in conjunction with park rangers and government officials working on all the boarders of Kenya. This will assist in stopping supply of animal products to the black markets and we ask that you legislate harsher jail terms for poachers as a real deterrent.

Another reason why we need to stop poaching is because it will end the big game park and safari experience tourism trade. What happens if all the greatest animals where poached to extinction and no one came to their defence. If the tourism trade goes down for Kenya and other African nations then a huge opportunity in an incredible lucrative tourism experience is lost and lost forever and we won’t get another chance to make money from the tourism trade again if our animals are poached to extinction our country and people so we need to stop all poaching and the their trade now.


matt bale

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To stop all poaching so we can stop animals from being extinct  


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