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John Dixon – CEO of David Jones

Dear John Dixon,

I am running a campaign in order to ban the use of animal testing. Although it isn’t a big issue in Australia, I am aware that some cosmetic houses stocked by David Jones sill use animal testing in the production of their exported products. I would like you to support my campaign by clearly labelling all products that are not tested on animals. My main aim of the campaign is to eventually put an end to all animal testing. I believe if a largely known company like David Jones support me in my campaign we can together put an end to the animal cruelty that is occurring. Putting a ban on animal testing is very important to ensure that the animals are not on the way to becoming endangered or even extinct. No matter how lowly a breed of animal is, its role played in ecology will greatly affect many other species.
Crude, painful and unscientific experiments continue to be performed on many animals all over the world. Despite assurances that the Government is working to decrease the amount of animal experiments, little has changed for many years. On average around 300,000 animals per year are used in experimentation, testing and teaching in New Zealand – from cats and dogs to rabbits, deer, mice, rats, fish, birds, pigs, cows and guinea pigs. Brands stocked by David Jones who are still participating in animal testing are all big brand names like L’Oreal, Avon, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Revlon, MAC and Maybelline, along with Dove, Neutrogena, Pantene, Olay and Head and Shoulders. Some reasons why change is needed is that if we keep going the way we are animals are going to become endangered and even possibly extinct. Non-animal tests are a lot more cost-effective, practical, and expedient for today’s society. Lastly Alternative scientific tests are often a lot more reliable than animal tests. I believe that a change is needed in this cruel behaviour that is occurring.
By taking action this will decrease the risk of many animals becoming endangered or even extinct. The correct labelling on products will inform customers of what companies are still using animal testing and the companies will than realise that the people want to help save the animals. This will then impact the companies largely by the decrease in sales and they will realise that they need to take action to ban the animal testing to keep sales up in their business. Alternative scientific tests are a lot cheaper and will largely decrease the amount of money spent.
I believe that David Jones should take action and correctly label all of their products so that people who don’t agree with the issue can clearly tell which products are used in animal testing. I think that you are in great power to make a change and even eventually take this further and ban the use of all animal testing in David Jones stores worldwide. The responsibility to make a change in the way people are treating these animals is very important. To help save the risk of putting these animals in danger and possibly being the cause of them becoming extinct is really high. By taking action and using other ways of testing we will reduce the risk and have quicker and more reliable results. So I respectfully call on you John Dixon, to help end animal testing by taking action in your stores.

Yours sincerely,
Ruby Hargreaves-Wall


Ruby Hargreaves-Wall

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This petition is majorly important, as the ban of animal testing will help to keep the animals from becoming endangered as many animals do die from animal testing. The vast majority of...

This petition is majorly important, as the ban of animal testing will help to keep the animals from becoming endangered as many animals do die from animal testing. The vast majority of Australians (85%) fight animal testing on cosmetics, and support banning the sale of newly animal-tested cosmetics. Animal testing bans can spur research and development of 21st century testing methods, potentially generating economic growth. Human biology-based non-animal testing methods can provide faster, cheaper, and more relevant results for consumer protection - there is a compelling consumer safety benefit in moving away from animal testing.

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